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The Ew, ho hoe hoe ho Art Show


11:00-18:00 月曜休廊


1月30日|土| 18:00-


Charles Francis Antoine

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夏のアート展示「LOVE☆イルカ・バクダン・BABY」から約半年を経て第二回目となる本展覧会は波さがしてっからによって適当に集められた11人からなるグループ展で、参加メンバーは柿田真吾、岸本光大、熊谷卓哉、高聖浩、謝花翔陽、高木智子、谷本真理、野口雅俊、野島良太、吉田桃子、Charles Francis Antoineです。関西在住の作家をメインに東京、ベルリンからも参戦していただきます!例によって深い意味は全くありませんが、今後ますます活発な活動をここ「波さがしてっから」で展開したいとの想いをこの2016年申年「ウッホッホウホウホアートショー」として打ち出そうって考えです!




The Ew, ho hoe hoe ho Art Show 2016 (Year of the Monkey)
January 30th (Sat) to February 14th (Sun) 11:00am - 6:00pm
Gallery Closed Mondays

Opening Reception Event: Saturday January 30th,

6:00pm till LATE 

We hope the new year finds you very well. It's already been half a year since the artist run exhibition space Namisagashitekkara (Beyond Searching for the Wave) opened it's door with our inaugural show last summer: Love·☆· Dolphin· Bomb· Baby! It is with great pleasure that we announce our second exhibition, a new year's event to beckon the sleeping spring: The Ew, ho hoe hoe ho Art Show.

This exhibition features a ragtag group of artists randomly selected by Namisagashitekkara . The line up of artists for this exhibition will include: Shingo Kakita, Mitsuhiro Kishimoto, the dark boss Takuya Kumagai, Sungho Koh, Shoyo Jahana, Tomoko Takagi, Mari Tanimoto, Masatoshi Noguchi, Ryota Nojima, Momoko Yoshida, and Charles Francis Antoine. With a focus primarily on Kansai area artists, the exhibition will also feature artists from Tokyo and Berlin. Without any deep connection to president or protocol, Namisagashitekkara promises to bring you the best new art Kansai has to offer for 2016 and beyond, starting with The Ew, ho hoe hoe ho Art Show! It's coming, watch out for it! Ew, ho hoe hoe ho! Come check it out! And, we'll see you at the gallery.